2015 Spring - Lifestyle Focus

It's time to put the cold, grey days of Winter behind us and embrace Spring, the season of new growth and prosperity.

So, with a ‘Spring Clean’ theme in mind, we’ve provided some food for thought inside this edition of Lifestyle Focus to prompt a look over some of those affairs that perhaps we don’t always make time for. With specialist advisors across our six pillars of advice, give us a call to discuss any of these ‘odd jobs’ and avoid any unnecessary anxiety.

With volatility returning to global investment markets, we thought it an opportune time to reflect on the wisdom of investment professionals over the years; A reminder to stay focused during times of ‘noise’.

Finally, we’ve included some tips for spending your money and time on creating good cheer and happiness in life, because that’s what it’s all about.

Warm regards
Dan O’Toole, Tim Rogers, Greg Rundle & Rob Zadow 360Private Wealth By Design

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We've relied on them for over 30 years

We have relied on the Team at 360Private for accounting and financial advice for over 30 years. Their sound strategy enabled our investments to perform well even through the Global Financial Crisis and we have benefitted from their knowledge of taxation law and superannuation. On a day to day level, we are always able to get prompt replies to any accounting matters relating to our business and everything is explained in language we can understand, rather than in "accountant speak". Our children now have their own businesses too and they also rely on 360Private.

- Sandra Haese, Director, Haese Mathematics

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