strategic-advice-pillarWith appropriate planning, it is our aim for you to accumulate sufficient income producing assets to ensure all lifestyle costs can be met from investment income alone.

We focus on your lifestyle and your family's life cycle stage and we then apply financial strategies to help meet current and future lifestyle costs. Our strategies are based around not paying unnecessary tax, structuring your affairs efficiently and gaining an adequate return on capital invested.

Financial Modelling

At 360Private we individually tailor a financial model that evaluates all major strategic and taxation considerations to enable you to increase your wealth safely and securely.

To completely understand your needs, we prepare a full financial report that maps your wealth over an appropriate period to determine at what age you will accumulate sufficient capital to provide income that meets your after tax cost of living needs. We then overlay this with our proven strategies to improve your overall financial health.

Over the years we have learned that 80% of the wealth we create for our clients comes from how we structure your business and personal affairs, the remainder comes from where we invest.

Unnecessary Tax

Knowledge of the impact of taxation on your wealth is a powerful thing, but it's often misunderstood and can be a significant drain on the income you earn. We help educate our clients about 'necessary' and 'unnecessary' tax, enabling you to minimise the impact of the latter.

Structure & Asset Protection

We are experts in understanding the needs of protecting assets and the impact that has on taxation.

With a large emphasis being placed on capital gains (free of Capital Gains Tax (CGT)) through the use of the Small Business Concessions it is critical that you get the right information before you embark on business ownership. Often there is a trade-off between how assets are held for protection, income and capital purposes and the impact of a mistake in this area can be very costly. With extensive experience in advising small and medium businesses, we can help guide you through the minefield of deciding which structure is best for you.

Debt Structuring & Cash Flow Management

We can work with you to assess your lifestyle needs and create a structure in which you can eliminate your expensive debt, restructure any inefficient debt, increase your financial security and get you on track to achieving your goals.

Salary Packaging

Salary packaging helps you to maximise your income by paying for some everyday expenses with your pre-tax salary. We can assess your income and help you to identify and utilise any possible available packages in order to decrease your tax liabilities and make the most out of your income.

Retirement Planning

We will also help you prepare for the retirement you've been working your whole life towards. We will help you to be clear about your goals, determine your current position and provide you with a plan of action with clear and reasonable steps to ensure not only that you reach your goals, but that you also enjoy the journey.


Financial health check

Whether it be a query about superannuation, investments, insurance, mortgage or any other financial based questions, get 360Private to check on your financial health.

Client testimonials

Very high quality professional advice

The team from 360Private have been our taxation and superannuation advisors for the past 15 years. Throughout that time we have received very high quality professional advice to assist us progress to long term goals of financial independence.

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