Although people from all stages of life can benefit from financial planning advice, that advice needs to be tailored in order to cater to the specific circumstances and stage of life of each person, couple or family, depending on their current situation.

360Private will work with you to identify and prioritise your goals, discuss ideas and options that will help you to grow your wealth, ensure yours and your family’s lifestyle is protected should unforeseen circumstances arise and put in place all that is required to ensure that all necessary estate planning concerns are addressed.

strategic advice

strategic-advice-pillarWith appropriate planning, it is our aim for you to accumulate sufficient income producing assets to ensure all lifestyle costs can be met from investment income alone.

We focus on your lifestyle and your family's life cycle stage and we then apply financial strategies to help meet current and future lifestyle costs. Our strategies are based around not paying unnecessary tax, structuring your affairs efficiently and gaining an adequate return on capital invested.

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Accounting |Audit |Business Services|Tax

taxation-pillarWe provide our clients with a service that will help them mitigate their taxation obligations and identify opportunities for growth, whether they be at a business or individual level.

Our team of taxation specialists are committed to offering expert and up-to-date advice across a diverse range of taxation and accounting services whilst understanding your specific needs and goals.

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investment and portfolio

investment-pillarOur experience can help you to make wise investment choices that suit your personal goals and values. We can help you maintain an investment portfolio and build your wealth and we can advise you on the most effective ways of doing so.

We evaluate and assess ASX listed companies from the bottom up, examining the quality of their management and their expected future earnings to determine their true fundamental or indicative value. If the value isn't there, we don't invest. Broader investment opportunities through managed funds and other unlisted vehicles are also researched thoroughly by our specialist team.

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risk protection

risk-protection-pillarYou automatically insure your car, your house and you more than likely have medical insurance too, but what about those things that are most important to you? What could be more important than your family, your health and your life?

With any luck you will enjoy life without ever having to make a claim but if something should befall you, insurance makes a world of difference to you and your family, relieving financial pressure at an already difficult and stressful time.

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succession and estate planning

succession-pillarNo one likes to consider the inevitable, but having effective estate planning in place is vitally important. Not only to ensure that your final wishes are carried out and to make sure that your family will be left financially sound, but also to ensure that should you at any point be unable to make financial or medical decisions for yourself, that a person or people of your choice are able to make those important decisions for you.

We will undertake an in depth analysis of your current circumstances and any succession issues that need to be addressed. We will then provide recommendations for action and referrals to associated professionals who will assist you in the delivery of considered and comprehensive estate planning documentation.

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personal and self-managed superannuation

superannuation-pillarWith a maximum tax rate of 15% on earnings and 10% CGT on investments held for more than 12 months, superannuation is a cornerstone of retirement planning and wealth creation and a key piece of the puzzle to tax minimisation and financial efficiency.

We will help you to consolidate funds and choose the most appropriate superannuation fund for your personal situation, whether that be a public offer fund or your own Self-Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF). We will tailor a personalised super plan, including looking at different contribution strategies to maximise your wealth, to help you both now and in the future.

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Financial health check

Whether it be a query about superannuation, investments, insurance, mortgage or any other financial based questions, get 360Private to check on your financial health.

Client testimonials

Very high quality professional advice

The team from 360Private have been our taxation and superannuation advisors for the past 15 years. Throughout that time we have received very high quality professional advice to assist us progress to long term goals of financial independence.

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